Sunday, May 27, 2012


Modeling done in Maya and texturing done is Photoshop.


Anonymous said...

3D computer graphics are often referred to as 3D models. Apart from the rendered graphic, the model is contained within the graphical data file. However, there are differences. A 3D model is the mathematical representation of any three-dimensional object. A model is not technically a graphic until it is displayed.

Alex Frisch

Connie Jordan-Carmichael said...

3D computer graphics rely on many of the same algorithms as 2D computer vector graphics in the wire-frame model and 2D computer raster graphics in the final rendered display. In computer graphics software, the distinction between 2D and 3D is occasionally blurred; 2D applications may use 3D techniques to achieve effects such as lighting, and 3D may use 2D rendering techniques.

Connie Jordan-Carmichael | Connie Jordan-Carmichael USA